Our Rooms

We provide four Age Group Rooms

Eeyore Room

For ages 3 months to 1 year
A lovely bright colourful room where babies can explore the environment. The baby room is open plan which enables them to interact with lots of people. Each individual child’s routine is met.

The babies are provided with homemade food. They have a sleep room attached to the main classroom. All babies enjoy the variety of activities and enjoy garden time.

Are asked to provide made up bottles and nappies.

Piglet Room

For ages 1 to 2 years
Our Nursery is bright and spacious proving an excellent environment for inquisitive babies to explore. Our daily routine is flexible, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to join in whilst also meeting the needs of our smaller babies by continuing with their home routine until around one year old.

We work with the parents to support each individual child's needs including bottle feeding, weaning and sleep patterns. We have purpose built cot room adjoining the classroom where babies can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep. Before moving up to our next room the children in Piglet Room enjoy a range of play which is aimed at supporting their development.

Are asked to provide made up bottles, nappies and a change of clothes as well as sun cream/sun hats and wellington boots.

Pooh Bear Room

For ages 2 to 3 years
While in Pooh Bear Room, we encourage more child initiated play whilst supporting learning. We also progress their circle time from flashcards to shapes and numbers.

A great deal of time is spent encouraging social skills and toilet training in this room. Whilst promoting positive behaviour and good manners throughout the nursery, we aim to aid each child's development by meeting individual needs. We explore sensory play through messy activities such as corn flower, jelly, shaving foam play and lots more.

Are asked to provide slippers, Wellingtons/sun hats and sun cream, a change of clothes and nappies if necessary.

Tigger Room

For ages 3+ years
The Tigger Room is our last stage of development at Chantry House and follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. We aim to give children the tools they need for school and their future.

We treat all children as individuals and teach the respect of their peers whilst supporting development of personalities and learning. Many children at this stage form strong relationships with their peers which is encouraged, to build confident and well-rounded children. Children are encouraged throughout the nursery to express themselves, in their work and with their play.

In the Tigger Room children wear a school uniform to prepare them for the transition to school. Boys: Grey trousers/shorts, white polo top/shirt, Navy sweatshirt. Girls: Grey pinafore, white polo top/blouse, Navy sweatshirt or blue summer dress.

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